for Business AviationICAO:RJNAIATA:NKM

for Scheduled Flight Passengers

Features of Nagoya Airport

Plenty of Space

Nagoya Airport has Plenty of Space for business aircrafts such as sufficient take-off and landing slots, parking spots and runways. There is not much restriction on parking time, so it is possible to park business aircrafts while international conferences and events are being held. The runway is 2,740 meters long, therefore it is possible for a large business aircraft to take off, land, and park.

High standards of privacy and security

Nagoya Airport has a dedicated terminal for business aircraft users. The privacy and security of customers using business aircrafts are highly protected.

Speedy CIQ procedures

Customs, immigration control and quarantine {CIQ) procedures for customers using international business aircrafts are completed smoothly in the processing room located conveniently in the dedicated business aircraft terminal.

* In order to receive the CIQ procedures, it is necessary to apply for them 3 days before entry or 24 hours before departure.

Short travel path

It is only 70 m (230 ft.) from the parking spot for business aircrafts to the dedicated terminal. You can get into a pickup car from the parking lot in front of the business aircraft terminal.